Hello everybody

Hello everybody! Checking my stats I see I have readers from all over the world. My broadcast is heard in North America, mostly the United States — except on the internet. I see I have lots of hits from India. I know I have friends in Singapore.

So, given that, I need to focus on a bigger “our society.” Normally when I speak, I have been thinking about my American (yes, that includes Canada) context. Maybe my context needs to be expanded?

Please don’t just lurk; let me know what you are thinking. Also please let me know which episodes of the broadcast you found most helpful. Please send me your questions. It is possible to comment and it is possible to email me at info@greatshalom.org.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

About greatshalom

God wants total-well-being for all children. Mother/Grandmother, educator, minister of the gospel, author, trainer, consultant, and broadcaster.
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