Teachers, please share

Okay, teachers. It is the end of the term, the end of a year. Please share how you keep your spirits up? How do you keep yourself positive in the face of argumentative, overly dependent, work avoidant and badly behaved students. Please brainstorm. How do you keep full of faith over students who seem determined to shut out anything positive or hopeful?

Here a starter list:
Think about the good students
Let off steam with other teachers, commiserate
Stop commiserating and start talking positive
Mobilize yourself for more direct teaching
Allow yourself to move off sweety-sweet and show appropriate annoyance at intentionally bad behavior
Stop showing annoyance and enforce boundaries in matter-0f-fact ways
Take a 5 minute dream vacation
Find those affirmations you wrote over your class earlier in the term and defiantly against fact, affirm them again
Think about something else
Start planning how to improve your teaching next year

Okay, so some listed items contradict others, but this is not a do list. I think different behaviors are called for in different circumstances. What do you think?


About greatshalom

God wants total-well-being for all children. Mother/Grandmother, educator, minister of the gospel, author, trainer, consultant, and broadcaster.
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