Servant leadership is the only real leadership

Today a Mr. Masuzoe became the new governor of Tokyo. In his speech today he said he would work to restore the citizen’s confidence. He ended his speech with “I must never forget that I serve the people of Tokyo.”  Although I do not know anything about Japanese politics, I was impressed by this fellow’s speech, especially how he ended. Yes, public officials should remember above all else that they serve the people in their district. Not just the people who elected them, not just doing the job as they see fit, and surely not just doing what they can get away with — but serving their constituents. Everyone with power should be doing this, because this is what having authority means: taking responsibility, serving.  Jesus served. Jesus, creator of the universe, poured himself out, not just for our small, unwise desires, but indeed, FOR US. That is why he is now Lord of All. Let us all follow that example. 

BTW, that is what moms do. 

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God wants total-well-being for all children. Mother/Grandmother, educator, minister of the gospel, author, trainer, consultant, and broadcaster.
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