Miraculously Healed of Autism


Local pastor of church in Redding, CA tells of several miraculous healings among his congregation. Particularly I was interested in the boy healed of autism. They prayed for his “food allergies” and found he was healed of autism. Autism normally also manifests in inability to properly digest milk and wheat, so apparently God took care of the root cause. I have heard of children being virtually cured through chelation therapy and lots of innovative education. This is not the first case of miraculous healing I have heard of, but it is the first one I could relay to you.

Never, ever, ever believe it when some one tells you “there is no hope.” We have GREAT HOPE in JESUS!.

About greatshalom

God wants total-well-being for all children. Mother/Grandmother, educator, minister of the gospel, author, trainer, consultant, and broadcaster.
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