Ebola Clinic Closed in Liberia

News came today that an Ebola Treatment Center in northern Liberia was closed, as it has had no new cases for 70 days.  What was not reported is that an American minister traveling in Africa last summer had sent word to the President of Liberia that she should call for a national prayer day in order to turn back the spreading virus. She did and as of that day new cases dropped off in her country (unlike some others.)  Apparently the spread has dropped off elsewhere now.

Ebola was real and it is highly infectious. Although I was frustrated by the hype and hyperbole spread by news media last summer, the disease and possible danger in Africa was real. A lack of sanitation and a culture that has not long been familiar with “the germ theory” exacerbated the problem.

We rejoice with the Africans, and especially the Liberians, about the good news. We would like the facts of prayer to be shared over here, just as we share our money and technological expertise over there.

While we here at The Great Shalom have always preached God’s promises of health and healing.  We would like to hear reporting of all pertinent facts, including the Liberian faith experience. We believe that it should be possible to at the very least admit the mind body connection or the mystery of shared experience.




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  1. greatshalom says:

    For questions regarding handling of the possibility of infectious diseases in the workplace, see http://www.orgstrat.net.


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