Princess and Life as a Woman

Reflections after reading a book entitled “Princess” by Jean Sasson. Very important information for every Christian woman and anyone who has a daughter.

GSB Princess 160213

This reviews a book that is the purported autobiography of a woman who grew up as a relative of the King of Saud. Revealing a great deal about gender relations and oppression. We cover this not only to put aside our naivete about “diversity” (or worse, the fun of harems!) but also in line with our own discussion of manners and respect between the sexes.

Errata: Ephesians 5 (not 4) is the passage people point to about husband/wife relationships.

Books cited:


by Jean Sasson

    Gods in Global Villag

e by Lester Kurtz

    Victory of Reason

by Rodney Stark


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God wants total-well-being for all children. Mother/Grandmother, educator, minister of the gospel, author, trainer, consultant, and broadcaster.
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3 Responses to Princess and Life as a Woman

  1. greatshalom says:
    God’s Word to Women posted an article on FB that I can’t retrieve. Something to the effect that 3 thousand girls are killed every year. I don’t think we can know how many because girls often don’t have any birth certificates, let alone death certificates. Anyway, here is a recent article from the United States.


  2. greatshalom says:

    Apologies that the last article was written a bit sensationalistically. Here are a couple of others in today’s search.
    For the record, GSB recommends honoring parents, and does not recommend profligate sexual ventures of any kind, but especially not for teenage girls. However, in the United States, killing one’s children is a crime, and unthinkable. The New Testament says both that children should honor their parents and the parents should not exasperate their children. This is what we teach.


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