I have had so many requests for information on health and healing for the grandparent generation that I am wondering if I should make an audio for them. Let me know if you are interested in
* How to improve short term memory
* How to prevent or reverse dementia
* Why you don’t have to hurt anymore
* How to have better oral health by ignoring your dentist
* Lies you are being told while your pocket is being picked
* How to pray for healing powerfully and get answers
* Why you don’t have to wonder if it is God’s will to heal you
Email me at Or just comment below.

GSB4G False Hope Inaugural broadcast of Great Shalom for Grands. There is no such thing as false hope.

GSB4G Hope We have a GREAT hope.

GSB4G Hope3 What is salvation, anyway? Does it relate to our health? YES!

GSB4G Hope end Get up and don’t let the tank run over you! It’s a lie that it is just inevitable aging! GOOD NEWS!

GSB4G Rest Strive to enter into that rest

GSB4G Rest2 Even God rested on the Sabbath day.

GSB4G Rest cortisol Science shows us the terrible results of chronic stress, but rest is a way out.

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