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Isaiah 54:13 says “All your offspring shall be taught of the LORD; And great shall be their shalom (peace, prosperity, health, total well-being). We are here to inspire, encourage, and inform parents and educators. Build your faith here. Find out a new idea to supply your child’s special need. Learn.

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Testimony to Start

Testimony concerning innovative Education

On Partnership

GSB Singing 160116


Top 4 Manners Lessons for Your Children

top 4 Manners to teach your children, continued

GSB Princess 160213
This reviews a book that is the purported autobiography of a woman who grew up as a relative of the King of Saud. Revealing a great deal about gender relations and oppression. We cover this not only to put aside our naivete about “diversity” (or worse, the fun of harems!) but also in line with our own discussion of manners and respect between the sexes.

Testimony of the healing of my grandson

GSB Get Saved 160220 Exhortation to give your life to Christ and have a life worth living, and true for any age.

GSB Civics 160227

GSB Sunday School 160305 Why you should take your children to Sunday School.

Testimony of Healings Melanie and Betty, mother of teens and her mother, testify to God’s healing power in their lives.

Dr. and Mrs. Colbert Wonderful guests on an early broadcast of GSB. Be inspired about breakfast!

GSB It is Finished Let’s celebrate all the Jesus bought us in His life, death, and resurrection.

April 2, 2016 Curing the common cold/flu/virus is under GSB4G

April 9, 2016 GSB Clothes Sharon rants a bit, but the advice is to dress in a way that offers dignity to the wearer and manners to others.

April 16, 2016 GSB Gardening w Kids It’s time to plant!

April 23, 2016 Becky Fischer Moms, plan your summer now! Directors of Christian Education and Children’s Pastors will want to start planning next year, now after hearing this interview from 2009. Re-visions children’s ministry.

GSB Isaiah 52 53 April 30, 2016 The work Jesus did for us on the cross and in his scourging.

GSB Isaiah 53 54 May 7, 2016 The work Jesus did for us and how it applies to our families.

GSB Isaiah 53 and Matthew 8:16 Jesus and Matthew interpret Isa 53 for you. Is it really about healing? Or only about salvation/justification? Also, I pray for your healing.

Dani Johnson v Porn aimed at Children Dani Johnson is a guru in the multi-level marketing industry so she knows what the marketing gurus are doing. They are sitting in board rooms planning how to addict children to porn. Rerun from Jan 2009.

Repressed Sex? Let’s think about this old saw that we are sexually repressed. Is that true?

Healing 1 God’s Plan for Your Healing

Healing 2 Jesus’ Own Understanding of Isaiah 53

Celebrating Freedom Righteousness Exalteth a Nation: correcting false impressions about the historical facts concerning the founding of the USA.

Celebrating Freedom 2 Righteousness Exalteth a Nation: Exposing False Teaching

Celebrating Freedom 2 Food freedom and why that is so fundamental.

Celebrating Freedom 2 Celebrating free minds and why that makes a difference.


GSB 090131 Wakefield Dr. Andrew Wakefield granted us an interview. A world renowned researcher, then a caring physician in clinic practise, an Episcopalian, and then a very persecuted man. Here what he says himself, and forget the waging tongues. It is important to a generation or more of our children. Are you against scientific research? Aee you against safety testing? Against responsible doctoring or against children? If not, why the witch hunt? Just maybe a few of us have been duped by money-making interests?

GSB Champion 2013 Superintendent Brett Champion of the Leander ISD talks about how they instituted character training in his district. He does go to church somewhere, but didn’t want to talk about it.

Becky Fischer Becky Fischer talked about her programs for children, including conference for whole families and Sunday School curricula.


We have no terrestrial station in central Texas at this time. We would accept local sponsors anywhere especially in Phoenix, Lubbock, Dallas, Houston, or Corpus Christi. Please contact us if you feel that The Lord is leading you to underwrite the program in your local area.

We would like to go back onto satellite cable. There are also a number of commercial internet radio “channels” that look attractive now. Alternatively, we have frugal opportunities in many mid-sized metro areas and around the world by short-wave. Where do you want to send the Word of healing and success to parents and educators? Please partner with us.

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