You may partner with this ministry through heart commitment. Just tell us of your commitment to pray daily for us and to sow into the work how you can. I will stand in faith with you for your, your child, and your family. We believe in miracles!

Please email me if you want to be on my announcement list. I do not have a newsletter at this time and promise not to explode your inbox.

Please donate (please note, currently we are NOT a 501(c)3:

Please click-through to Paypal here.
or you may use land mail at P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78630.
We pray manifold return on your sowing into God’s work.

Please like, share, participate, pray, and tell others.

Thank you very much.

We want to partner with many parents and teachers, for the good of the children. We want to encourage, equip, an inspire them, according to the mandate of God who wants total well-being for all children. I will still do teacher training, but only on request. I do consulting for congregations and denominations concerning education. Please call me at 512-249-7629 for engagement dates.


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