More help on having faith for your children’s special needs: Sister Sharon’s Books available from
God Wants You Healed (Bible study with testimonies)
Contend (Workbook on how to pray for your children; suitable for group or individual study.)
Legacy (Workbook on leaving a legacy through parenting; suitable for group or individual study)
Don’t Lose you Faith in College, Loose It! Give this to your child as he or she goes off the college! Otherwise they are not prepared to beat the professors bent on damaging faith.
How to Win the Game of School (for junior college level students)

David Rubin. God, Israel and Shiloh : Returning to the Land
David Rubin. The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama.
Don Colbert. I Can Do this Diet.
Don Colbert. Reversing Diabetes. Many others
Kenneth Copeland. The Blessing of the Lord.
Gloria Copeland. Blessed Beyond Measure.

Available only directly from the ministry:
God Wants Healing, Health and Wholeness (3 messages on 1 CD $10.00 postage and shipping paid by the ministry)

Dangerous Times Secrets for Parents and Educators This will make revolutionize your teaching and give your relief in these dangerous days. 11 messages on 4 CDs, in case, $50.00 postage and shipping included.

For CDs, please send check or money order and full, legible address.

Supplements and other items

Children’s Material (Since we don’t have any of our own,
we are sending you to a source we trust for doctrinal soundness
and prompt order fulfillment.)


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